Anyone calling Pep Guardiola a fraud presumably considers themself a fraud too. Pep was one of best players of his generation, which is often overlooked. Now he's the world’s best coach. He has revolutionised football and won more than anyone in past decade.  Winning the Champions League is extremely difficult. Guardiola was unlucky not to win it in all four seasons at Barcelona. In a way, the fact Zidane managed it three times in a row at Real Madrid seems to have watered down what Pep has achieved. It shouldn't.  And winning the Champions League with the football Pep plays is harder still. Recent winners and finalists have had a more defensive approach, attacking on the break. Even Luis Enrique’s Barcelona adapted their style to win it 2014-15.  Pep has never won the Champions League without Messi? True. But he is still young and likely will win it again. No coach has won it more than three times anyway, which shows how tough it is. And Zidane had Ronaldo.  Knockout ties often hinge on a key moment or two. We saw that on Wednesday with Llorente’s goal, City’s one that was ruled out in added time. Also the missed penalty from the first leg. A coach cannot control all of that.  Dominating the play doesn’t always bring results, especially in knockout format like Champions League. If it did, Barcelona would win every year. Or Guardiola's teams. Last season, Spurs dominated against Juve and lost. This time, they were dominated and won.  Despite not scoring in first leg, City were desperately unlucky. Fine lines. But going out to a top team like Tottenham, having ended up with a win and a draw overall, plus a late goal marginally ruled out, does not make Pep a fraud.  Yes, he has spent a lot. But that’s because he’s at a club with money and, as best coach out there, he gets that privilege. He’s competing with huge clubs full of top players. Not easy. Ask PSG! And as Cruyff said, you never see a bag of money score a goal...  What Mauricio Pochettino has done at Tottenham is nothing short of incredible. Spurs went through and City did not, but that should not detract from Guardiola and his achievements. He could still end the season with three major trophies.  When you’re the best, some want to bring you down. Pep  inflicted a lot of pain on Real Madrid. Many fans and journalists are waiting for him to lose. But he's a genius and he’ll probably have the last laugh.