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Zlatan Ibrahimovic : "[Carlos Vela] is playing in MLS and he's in his prime. When I was 29 where was I?"
When Ibrahimovic first arrived in Paris, he was surprised that he had to carry his luggage to his hotel room, he did a quick call to Leonardo and since then PSG players never had to carry their luggage ever again.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic's reaction when meeting Ronaldo for the first time. True narcissist that he is. 😂😂
Los Angeles Galaxy 2-0 Toronto FC - Zlatan Ibrahimovic 89'
Zlatan Ibrahimovic name typo on his jersey
LA Galaxy [1] : 0 Toronto FC - Ibrahimovic goal
Reporter: “It’s 0-0 in the 90th minute and you get a penalty. Who do you choose to take the penalty, Messi or Ronaldo?”  Ibrahimovic: “I choose Messi because I want to watch extra time.”   😂😂😂
‘Why am I looking at Ibrahimovic..?’ Cracking moment from the ‘Sunderland till I Die’ Netflix doc.
Zlatan: "I have more titles than the entire MLS"
Paolo Condo wrote a book about the rivalry of Pep and Mourinho called "Duellists". Condo shared a story which claims back when Zlatan Ibrahimovic was playing for Barca young Leo Messi didn't like the fact Ibrahimovic was getting more attention than him. Condo even compares him to Joffrey Lannister.
Los Angeles Galaxy [1]-2 New England Revolution - Zlatan Ibrahimovic 84'
Los Angeles Galaxy [1]-2 New England Revolution - Zlatan Ibrahimovic 84'
Dutch striker Philippe Hes of amateur side AFC 5 scored 0 goals in 20 games this season and got a message of Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Sporting Kansas City 0-2 Los Angeles Galaxy - Zlatan Ibrahimovic 86'
New York Red Bulls 1-[2] Los Angeles Galaxy - Zlatan Ibrahimovic 43'

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