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Mané (on his Ronaldinho inspiration): For me he was my hero. I loved watching him play, especially here at Camp Nou. I would have loved to play against him. I still love him, to be honest. I loved his skills. I would love to have his smile!
Zidane And Ronaldinho: 🐐s Of Football!👑🔥
Ronaldinho's 14-year-old son Joao Mendes has signed a 5-year-deal with Cruzeiro.  No pressure, kid.
Ronaldinho once told Kobe Bryant "I'm gonna introduce you to the guy that's going to be the best player of all times". Kobe answered "What? But you're the best", and Ronaldinho said "No, no, this kid here is going to be the best". He was speaking about 17 year old Messi.
50 Cent brings out Ronaldinho (2010)
Simply Ronaldinho!👑🔥
If you want:  🕺🏽   Skills: Ask Neymar 🎩 Magic: Ask Ronaldinho 🎯 Free kicks goals: Ask Beckham ⚽️ Goals: Ask Ronaldo 👟 Playmaking: Ask Özil  👑 All of the above: Ask Messi
Messi has scored 28 goals of direct foul in La Liga with an efficiency of 8.5% (330 pitches). For reference, Cristiano scored 19 out of 310 (6.1 %), Roberto Carlos scored 16 of 382 (4.2 %) and Ronaldinho scored 15 of 205 (7.3 %) .
On this day in 2005, Ronaldinho vs. Chelsea...
The team will wear the (1998-99) season iconic jersey against Real Madrid to celebrate 20 years with Nike!  This brings memories of Ronaldinho and Messi's debut hatrick at 19 years against Real Madrid with 10 man Barça with a similar attire.
Ronaldinho didn't need to do 'em like that 😂 😂 😂
Kobe Bryant on the time Ronaldinho predicted who the best player of all time would be.
Ronaldihno vs Japan in Beach Football Friendly.
Brazil 2000 Olympic team Samba led by Ronaldinho
Ronaldinho: "When Messi retires, the number 10 will be free again, but no one should ever touch it."
Can Ronaldinho come back from retirement please 😢  One of the best ever 🙌
Ronaldinho gets the wrong card
Ronaldinho spotted at market
Ronaldinho bringing gifts for little children

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