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What is Troll Football

We are a community of football lovers, sharing football memes / news and videos.We are totally user-based, all content here is shared by users and voted by users.

How do I submit content?

Submitting content is fairly easy. You need to Login first. If you don't have an account yet, Register here, validate your email ID and you will be able to login. Post login you can share the content you want

What type of content is allowed here?

Everything related to football is allowed here, just make sure you are not spamming in here (sharing self-owned content is fine, just don't overdo it). Make sure if you are submitting adult content, it is marked NSFW.

I want my copyrighted content to be removed from Troll Football, what should I do?

We take this issue seriously.We will remove any reported copyrighted content within 48 hours.Also understand that if it is a video or a link, we are just linking your content. If you still want the content removed, head over to DMCA / Remove Content from Troll Football.

Who regulates content at Troll Football?

We have a moderator's team, the team regulates content at Troll Football. If you want to be a moderator, Contact Us

What are likes and awards?

Liking a post can be said to be same as a like on Facebook OR Twitter or an "upvote". Awards are like giving brownie points to the user for the content he posted.

What is the difference between like and award?

Liking does not cost points, Awards cost points.

What are points?

Whenever you like any content or submit any content, you get "points". These points can then be used to "award" any post. You also get additional points if you are a regular visitor and content submitter.

Why does it show "insufficient points" when I try to give an award?

Each award costs 50 points. You will see "insufficient points" message when you have less than 50 points remaining. You can increase your points by liking more posts OR by submitting content.

How can I get more points?

As mentioned above, you can get more points by submitting content or liking other posts. You will still receive points when other member "view" your content and it crosses a minimum value.

What posts are show on Homepage

All the posts submitted by user are liked by other users. The posts are sorted based on likes received and time of post and sorted accordingly and show in Homepage(Hot Posts).

How can I become a moderator?

To be a moderator, you can get in touch with us. We will see through your post history and if you are active enough on the site and responsible enough, we will decide and select accordingly.

How can I get in touch with Troll Football?

We are available on all leading social networks, feel free to message us. If you prefer contacting via email, head over to Contact us Page.

If you still feel anything is missing, please let us know via contact us page

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