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Sergio Ramos elbow tackle against Loris Karius (Champions League final | 49')
Columbus Crew player Christian Martíneza appears to slap Seth Sinovic in the face off the ball. Referee misses it but decides not to use VAR. No card was given
[Del Monte] Positive news for Salah. Sprained AC usually 2-3wks to heal adequately. Should be right for @FIFAWorldCup.
Salah: "Ramos' tackle on me was very clean. I clutched his arm as I was going down, and then I fell down on my shoulder. Don't listen to Barka dogs on the internet."
Kieran Sadlier (Cork City) Scores From His Own Box
Real Madrid have spent literally more money on fireworks for celebrations than on transfers within the last three years.
The president of Egypt is tweeting on update on salah's injury.
Morocco 2026 World Cup bid has reportedly been rejected, and the host will be the USA, after FIFA committee found the infrastructure in 5 organizing cities to be lacking.
Douglas Costa = Baller
8 overhead kicks to rival Cristiano Ronaldo 😱👀
Ramos hit Karius against hit head
Loris Karius, Liverpool fans may forgive you someday but just know that Barcelona fans never will.
Manteo to Zidane for his third consecutive Champions
All of Bernabeu singing "Cristiano Quedaté, Cristiano Quedaté"
So Cristiano Ronaldo jumped to the Bernabéu a little hand and two kisses to the shield
Real Madrid's best player lifts the trophy first. Special moment for Karius.
Zinedine Zidane's reaction to Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale's bicycle kick goals compared:
Ramos laughing as Mo Salah goes off
Real Madrid 3 vs 1 Liverpool Reaction of Maldini, Tomás Guasch, Pepe Domingo .. in COPE
Sergio Ramos returned the message to Juanfran Let the Indians know who is the boss in the capital
Salah’s picture projected on the mall of Baghdad
Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool This was narrated by Manolo Lama in COPE (Final of Champions)

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