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[Twitter officiel du FC Girondins de Bordeaux] FC Girondins de Bordeaux goes bankrupt
[James Benge] Josh Kroenke told the fans forum of the Baku final: "I had a great trip apart from the 90 minutes." That being the final where supporters had to travel halfway across Europe at vast expense for a soulless event that ended in a drubbing.
Klaassen disallowed offside goal against FC Utrecht
[Vozpópuli] UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin increased his salary by €450,000 during the pandemic. Since his election as president, he has increased his salary every year except one.
[Brian Reade] It's nauseous hearing UEFA, FIFA, Premier League, Sky and politicians congratulate themselves on helping to beat greed in football when they facilitate it. The only way fans will get their game back is when they sit on boards.
[FCGB] The club has been placed under Bordeaux’s commercial court’s protection
[Loïc Tanzi] William Saliba has been suspended for ONE month for the video scandal.
[Ilkay Gundogan] With all the Super League stuff going on... can we please also speak about the new Champions League format? More and more and more games, is no one thinking about us players? The new UCL format is just the lesser of the two evils in comparison to the Super League...
[Richard Martin] Joan Laporta has NOT said that the European Super League is "absolutely necessary". He said "it's a need..but the members will have the final say." He then said: "It's absolutely necessary that the big clubs have our say about the distribution of wealth as we contribute a lot."
[Tariq Panja] FCB President Joan Laporta leaked details about the ESL to Laliga boss Javier Tebas at a celebratory lunch days before the official announcement. Tebas immediately alerted Ceferin about the seriousness of the situation
[Fabrizio Romano]: Barça president Joan Laporta to TV3: “The #SuperLeague project is still there. We're open to having a dialogue with UEFA. There has to be an attractive competition based on sporting merits too. I think there will be an agreement...”
[Arsenal forum] Josh Kroenke: we asked ourselves, what is worse : ESL, or ESL without Arsenal? Also asked ourselves what do the fans want? The global fan wants AFC v Barca as often as possible. English fans want to see more big matches, but you still want your cold nights in Stoke. We got it wrong
Which one are you choosing?
[Ronald Peña] (Atlanta United manager Gabriel) Heinze expresses his frustration with MLS rules not facilitating academy players to play with the first team. Gabriel confesses there are academy players that should have a chance with the first team.
[OC] TV Schedule & Cheat Sheet for Thursday's European Fixtures
[Arsenal Forum] to Josh Kroenke during the Arsenal fan forum
TV money distribution across top 5 leagues (2018/19)
[Arsenal Forum] Josh Kroenke: it’s been a crazy week, we have not represented the club well, we have learned

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