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Wenger archive

[Michael Cox] Vardy offside at the weekend. Described as 'miles offside' by the MOTD commentator, but also quite possibly onside - if not, very close - according to Wenger's plan for the new offside law. That's how much it would change things.
[Football Daily] "Imagine Arsene Wenger would've ended up where they are right now, they wouldn't have accepted that but with a guy like Arteta they do." Former Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann on the difference in expectation at Arsenal under Arteta vs Wenger
Arteta, Emery and Wenger's (last) 50 games managing Arsenal comparison
[TIFO Football] Wenger's proposed offside rule change
[The Blizzard] Arsène Wenger still has more Premier League wins (476) than Tottenham Hotspur (475). The irony that Arsenal maintain his record.
Amazing youtube documentary on Arsenal's Wenger era
[@sr_collings] Wenger's idea for a new offside law will be trialed, confirmed by IFAB.It would mean you're onside if any part of your body you can play the ball with is inline with the defender.Data shows would reduce average offsides a game in PL from 4 to 2.
[BeIN Sport] Wenger: What is a bit worrying for them [Chelsea] is you don’t feel a huge potential in there, not on the tactical side nor on the physical side nor on the aggressive side nor on the organizational side. 43 points out of 25 games, on that average it gets you 63. 63 usually you're out.
[BeIN Sports] Wenger: I learned a lot from them [players]. Don't think that the manager goes in at 35 or 40 years old knowing everything. It's an exchange with the players that makes everybody better.
[BeIN Sports] Wenger: Carlos Queiroz joined United. In a week, he persuaded Ferguson to buy Ronaldo. He [Ronaldo] was at our training ground with our shirt. We speak about Mbappe. I was at his home, when he was undecided to extend his contract at Monaco. Could have come to Arsenal for free.
[BeIN Sports] Wenger on Arsenal's chances in Europa League: For me, they are the favorites. They are the favorites in every single game. I'm not very objective there.
[BeIN Sport Video] Wenger: “Liverpool is not Barcelona, they have a good team”
[BeIN Sports] Wenger: Upamecano is for me a top class player. Big future. He's a typical modern central defender: power, pace, and can come out with the ball. He's very promising. By coincidence, he goes to Bayern Munich you know.
[beIN SPORTS] "There is no other solution than reducing the wages of the players." - Arsène Wenger outlines his vision for football equality.
Wenger on Liverpool having to move midfielders to defense : "Main reason for Liverpool success was winning the ball high up the pitch and quickly feeding their strikers. They were efficient because they didn't give their opponents much time on the ball."
Arsène Wenger On His Iconic 'Fight' With José Mourinho | The Graham Norton Show
[Ian Wright] Wenger came in. No salt, no anything. Everything was just for fuel. Couldn't have tea. I shared a room with Dennis. I snuck in some tea bags. Dennis said, "Okay. The whole team is doing it, but you're not doing it. When we need you most, you're probably going to let us down."

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