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Iker Casillas: “Someone (Mourinho) said that a player like me (37) is at the end of his career. I completely agree! My question for them: in the case of coaches, at what point do you see that they are at the end of theirs?”  Revenge 🔥
[Iker Casillas] "According to a Portuguese newspaper, someone said that a player like me (37 years) is at the end of his career. Completely agree! My question is, for that newspaper: in the case of coaches, when and at what point do you see that they are no longer to lead a team or train?"
They Used To Disrespect Cristiano Ronaldo and Iker Casillas And Now They Are... 🙃😑
Vinícius Júnior (18y 152d) is the third youngest player to start a Champions League match for Real Madrid after Casillas & Raul.
Iker Casillas has become the 2nd player to reach 100 games won in the UCL, UEFA CASILLAS LEAGUE.
People are mad coz Ronaldo said "Juve are more of a family than Madrid"  What's wrong in his comments? It's 100% true. Madrid is a business oriented club. I've been supporting Madrid for over 10 years and Madrid has no family like feelings for its players or coaches. Just a business oriented club.   Look how Raul left, look how Ozil was forced out, look how Di Maria was sold, look how Ancelotti was fired after winning most awaited La Decima, look how Casillas was sent off in tears, look how Pepe was sent packing and finally look how Ronaldo was kicked out.   In Madrid, its like they will use u at ur best, but they will never be around u "when u need them". Fans here boo the hell out of players. Iker Casillas was booed like hell in his last season for us, previous seasons Ronaldo had been booed too, Benzema, Bale everyone gets booed here. What kinda family is this?   And the President, he honestly gives no shit abt the players, you can serve Real Madrid with all ur heart n soul but you will be kicked out of the team. It has happened to many, and it will soon happen to Modric, Ramos and Marcelo.   And lastly look what is happening to Keylor Navas, I mean what in the World has this guy done wrong? His words "I went from winning 3 UCL in a row to not even playing" really hit me hard. The man will leave next summer but honestly no one gives a f*ck. This is Real Madrid's family.   There is no concept of being a family in Real Madrid. We are just a business oriented club. Even Barcelona is a bigger family than us.
Iker Casillas penalty save against Lokomotiv Moscow 10'
Iker Casillas - the greatest goalkeeper to ever concede four in a game (Manchester United 4-3 Real Madrid - UEFA CL 2002/2003)
Iker Casillas on Twitter: "I would absolutely love to return to the national team. I understand that Luis Enrique has new ideas but I always dream of returning."
Iker Casillas will become the first player in the Champions League history to play in 20 different seasons.
FC Porto squad for UEFA Champions League
Iker Casillas surprised a bunch of kids and spent some time hanging out with them in Porto
FC Porto starting 11 vs Aves for the Portuguese Supercup
Iker Casillas: (Twitter) ”Behind each one of us, there is one person. Let him raise his hand who has not ever failed. Learning from our mistakes will make us stronger and accept them more human.”
Casillas on Twitter: "Behind each one of us, there is a person. Raise the hand who has not failed at some time. Learning from our mistakes will make us stronger and accept them, more human. #yotambienfallo"
Iker Casillas showing support for Karius: #yotambienfallo (I also fail)
Iker Casillas: "Next year will be 50 years of the (supposed) moon landing. I'm at a dinner with friends arguing about it. Do you think man stepped on the moon? I don't think so!"
Iker Casillas on Twitter: Will this attack on Loris Karius ever end? I'm talking about him like so many other goalkeepers. There are many more serious problems in the world fuck! Leave the Kid alone! He's also a person. As we all are!
Casillas on Twitter: Football, no more! A young Mbappe takes a picture with one of his childhood idols: Henry. The latter wins the World Cup with France 20 years ago. Today, if you win your country, you have access to Belgium in the final. The laps that gives life and, in this case, football!
Casillas - The Spanish Hero 🇪🇸

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