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Arsene Wenger (2017) predicting more players will run down their contracts in the future
Wenger on the penalty: "No penalty. I don't know why they didn't ask the ref to take a look. In a moment like that it's important that the referee is absolutely convinced, it was not clear enough. VAR has let the referee down."
Wenger: "We have to congratulate Mancini, he has rebuilt the team with a more technical attitude while keeping what made Italy strong historically, which is efficiency. Every shot on target is real chance. I like that in Italian strikers.
Wenger:"5 subs reduced the level of fatigue. With 3 subs, you only use 2 and save 1 for an emergency. It has reduced the difference between teams. There are less goals scored on counter-attacks with long runs. It's the tournament of short players quick and agile. Like Sterling, Insigne and Pedri."
Wenger: "Southgate has learned a lot from the World Cup. They look more stable defensively. But going forward he's still looking for the perfect solution. Not sure if Sancho will play in the semi-final. I like Henderson off the bench, because he plays very good balls forward from deep."
[Gunners] 20 years ago today, a surprise press conference was scheduled. Only two journalists turned up, both expecting the signing of Richard Wright from Ipswich for £2m to be announced. Arsène Wenger walked out alongside Spurs’ captain & best player - Sol Campbell. The rest is history.
[GFFN] Wenger: "I don't question the team's spirit. We relied too much on counter-attacking. In this tournament a higher than usual number of goals are being scored in play construction. We showed very little of that all tournament. Switzerland were effective with that." (BeIN)
[GFFN] Arsène Wenger on if Karim Benzema has lost his confidence: "Strikers always tell you no and they lie always."
Wenger: "It looked to me, being favourites for Man City was a heavy burden. They were too used to winning the ball back quickly, they couldn't do that tonight... Congratulations to Chelsea, a deserved win. Also we have seen a man who is above everybody else, N'Golo Kante."
[BeIN Sports] Wenger: It is a success to win a trophy, but your real quality is decided by where you stand in the championship. In your stadium you feel more comfortable. Arsenal has enough offensive potential to win the game. 2-1 is a result, you should be comfortable to change and reverse.
Based on Wenger's comments on today's and yesterday's line up, The Death of Creative Midfielders
Wenger: "You look at last night and you look at the team sheets tonight. There's a trend at the moment in top level football to leave out hyper specialized players. The emphasis is on mobility, counter-pressing, quickness and versatility."
[Arsene Wenger] "I don't like how Fernandinho behaved tonight... If you send Di Maria off, then you have to send Fernandinho off as well."
[Wenger]: What is happening at Old Trafford is a revolution in football. Fans are the most important factor in the game.
Wenger on current football in light of the protests at Old Trafford: "Football is unpredictable as a sport. But the money and the recruitment of big players in a set number of teams has made football predictable. Look at the CL semi-finals. Basically the four richest clubs in the world."
Wenger:"PSG have problems when they dictate the game...Man City gives the least amount of time on the ball to the opposition in Europe, Bayern tried to do the same but they have a worse pressing and defense than City. City has the 2nd best defense in Europe, Bayern has the 5th best in their league."
Wenger: "I like the fact that former people of the club, want the club. Two examples in the world with former players with Bayern or with big investors like in Man City... For the project, I believe the best deals are the ones nobody knew about...If I can help Arsenal, I'd do it anyway."
"We never recovered from leaving that paradise." Arsene Wenger says Highbury was Arsenal's garden
[ESPN FC] During his 22 seasons in charge of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger never finished with less than 63 points. The maximum they can achieve this season is 61 points
[Sky Sports News] Arsene Wenger has claimed ‘everybody in Europe dreams of destroying the Premier League’ in the wake of the seemingly failed Super League experiment.

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