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✅Lionel Messi is leading in the goalscoring and playmaking charts simultaneously!!!   ✅Clearly out of this world!!! 🐐
Vinicius: I dream to score a hattrick against Barça like Ronaldo  Reporter: Did Ronaldo score a hattrick against Barça?  Vinicius: No, he dreamed just like me!! 🤭
Zlatan: “Messi Is Like A Wifi That Can't Connect Out Of FC Barcelona...”
DC Comics are suing Valencia for their 100 year anniversary crest.  Valencia's response: "When this team was already playing with a bat on their chest, people in the United States were still chasing buffalo."  😂 🔥
Diego Simeone:   “You can take Cristiano Ronaldo to war and he’ll win it for you all alone. For Lionel Messi you need to bring all of his Barcelona teammates so he could actually do something.”
Diego Simeone:   “You can take Cristiano Ronaldo to a war and he’ll win it for you all alone, For Lionel Messi you need to bring all of his Barcelona teammates so he could actually do something.”  (Futbolmundial)
This Liverpool fan dressed up as a cleaner to get into the Allianz Arena without a ticket. 😂👏
Our heart and thoughts go out to the victims, families and everyone affected by this tragedy.  NewZealand
Aubameyang scored and did the Black Panther Mask celebration.  Was also booked for it by the referee.
UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Draw Results Are Already Leaked..🤯😱
I see a lot of people creating a fuss about Messi not replicating what Ronaldo did in the Champions League yesterday. Although Ronaldo has been brilliant in some of the clutch games in the Champions League and makes up for his slow start each season and yes, you have to hand him that, this claim is still absolutely absurd and erratic to begin with.   Messi has been fundamental in clutch games throughout his career, for instance the brace against Real Madrid to knock them out in the semis, against AC Milan and Arsenal after losing in  the first leg, against Bayern Munich, PSG, Manchester United/City, Juventus, Chelsea and even Tottenham recently. You name it.   Yes, the team has been knocked out in the quarter finals thrice consecutively and Yes, Messi couldn’t  score in them, but it all boils down to two reasons. First, positions. Right after Iniesta and Xavi’s departures Messi has spent a large part of his career dropping in the midfield almost completely when the team is losing to make up for the loss in midfield’s creativity since 2015. The team almost expects Messi to try and supply those mesmeric diagonal lobbed passes or passes between the lines while simultaneously also score those fantastic goals out of nowhere every time the team is losing. For Cristiano, on the other hand, the job is always the same, feed him, and expect him to finish it. You don’t expect him to drop deep to create passes for Mandžukić, Dybala, Bale or even Benzema for that matter. While his position and role has always been almost indistinguishable, Messi position’s have evolved over the years.  From playing as a winger, to adapting a false nine role under Pep and to ultimately playing as an Enganche (with little defensive duties) under EV (and the later stages of Luis Enrique’s tenure). It is not that complicated to comprehend that even though he is still the team’s best goal scorer and has the most goals in Europe, it isn’t him who should be expected the most to score in these situations if he is taking that role. It is the role of the other forwards to score them (in Barca’s case Suarez and the other forward) and it is more fitting especially because Messi has to adapt the role of enganche to cover up the midfield’s lack of creativity.   Truth however being that the man’s extraterrestrial abilities culminates the real nature of him being an out and out enganche and gives the pseudo image of him being an attacker.   Second reason being, priorities. It is more and more evident by the years that Cristiano and the team he is involved in save him for the crucial encounters in the Champions League and that helps him make up for the terrible start he has at the starting of the season.  Whereas, Messi assumes the mantle of the team since the beginning of the season. For instance, right before the crucial match against Atlético Madrid, Massimiliano Allegri benched him in the match against Udinese which the Bianconeri saw out comfortably with a 4-1 win. EV however fielded out Messi for the whole 90 minutes against Rayo Vallecano knowing about the all important match against Lyon (as he did before Roma). This elaborates the player’s and the team’s priorities and is also another reason why both the players have a a different footballing dimensional season-wise.  Saying that, I hope the man’s profound abilities again proves the ones that are doubting him wrong because he isn’t to be judged by the aspects that make other players shine in. We know what he has done in the past and what he promised for this season, and I would dare not underestimate him.  Over to you Leo.
Antoine Griezmann:  “Every time I feel like winning something, Ronaldo comes and steals it. I hate him but I also respect him the most. He's the best ever.”   Poor Griezmann..😭😭😂😂
"If Juventus makes a comeback, I’ll sell melons in the streets of Madrid" 😂
- Journalist:” Do you expect Remontada from Juve against Atletico like Ajax and Man United?”.  - Simeone: “I will sell melons in Madrid’s streets if that happened.” 😂🚀
The internet is too fast 😂😂
🗣 Bale: "We are more of a team now that Ronaldo is gone."  🗣 Carvajal: "Raul's career at Real Madrid was better than Cristiano's."  🗣 Ceballos: "You won't notice Ronaldo's absence."  🗣 Benzema: "I used to play for Ronaldo, but now I'm the leader."
Lionel Messi Heat Map Against Sevilla..🤯
Horrific scenes at the Etihad earlier of stewards forcing Chelsea fans to stay and watch the game.
Disgusting scenes at The Etihad as stewards force Chelsea fans to stay and watch the game.
Mo Salah sporting a new look!!  AwayWithTheBeard Handsome CleanShave
De Gea getting angry at Mitrovic for not getting any shots to save.
Dorset Police have confirmed that the body recovered from the wreckage of a plane in the Channel Islands is that of Emiliano Sala. All our thoughts are with his friends and family. RIP, Emiliano. 💛
• Arthur Melo • had a heavy pocket yesterday. Modric-Kroos were non-existent yesterday.  We knew he could attack, but he can defend too.
Vincent Kompany is donating his entire earnings this season to helping the homeless in Manchester.  Legend 👏
Looks like the Red London side is really tired of Barcelona eleminating them in UCL over and over again.   Cry Reacts please!!

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