The world of football has had quite a few surprises this year. It is very interesting to see how the standings and the level of competition are changing in European top leagues, which is exactly what makes them so fun to watch.

That same competition brought many things that we couldn’t expect, which is a good thing because they bring more dynamic to the game and makes us all impatient to see what the final outcome will be. With that thought in mind, we decided to name a few reasons as to why the 2020/21 season is set to end with a big surprise.

Fans Are Now Keeping a Close Tab on Odds

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Now, let’s check out how can this season end with a bang.

AC Milan Could Be The Champions In Italy

Yes, you read that right. After spending many years as a mid-table team, AC Milan had one of the most successful years in 2020. The team was among the most efficient in Europe thanks to their great form, they are now leading the Serie A table and have quite a big gap between them and Juventus, who won the title 9 times in a row. Winning the title could restore Milan’s former glory, which is something that all of us look forward to.

Liverpool or Man City May Not Win the Premier League

At the start of the 2020/2021 season, all football experts stated that Liverpool and Manchester City are levels above the rest of the PL teams. That doesn’t mean that the PL is becoming a farmer’s league, but both of these clubs are just too good and cannot be stopped. Well, experts were wrong. The competition in the PL has never been greater and this year marked the return of one of the best teams in PL history – Manchester United. Even though Man Utd had a slow start, somehow they managed to climb to the top of the table. Leicester and Tottenham are also ranked high and both of these teams have rather good chances to win the title. One thing is certain here – the season end might bring more drama than the one in 2012 when Aguero stole the title from Manchester United in the 94th minute.

La Liga Is No Different

Atletico Madrid is dominating La Liga, which is not something that we are used to. Usually, Real or Barcelona have a clear lead in the top of the table at this stage, but things are looking different this season. Messi is keen on leaving Barcelona, Real Madrid has failed to live up to the expectations, andAtletico Madrid has taken full advantage of that situation. Although It’s early to speculate, we believe that Atletico has what it takes to put an end to their supremacy.